Dead Rising 3 – Everyone Is Tripping On This CG Trailer [VIDEO]

Capcom announced and teased there forthcoming zombie hit Dead Rising 3 at E3 2013 in June, and since then we still haven’t seen a good gameplay trailer for the game yet. It’s somewhat a shame because we should be seeing more of the real thing by now, and not another story trailer for Dead Rising 3. Like c’mon, a franchise like this that put the Xbox 360 on the map should be teasing some bloody gameplay carnage like Dying Light did.

Personally, CG trailers don’t mean shit to me since they all look the same, and story-wise they’re pretty darn good for years now. I still think the first trailer for Dead Island was awesome, and now people are calling this one the best zombie trailer ever. Maybe so, and I admit it starts off really cool when the new hero of Dead Rising, Nick Ramos, splatters a female zombie pushing a baby stoller across the street into pieces with his car. Later, he crashes and gets rescued by newcomer, Annie. This is when Ramos shows off his creative skills and duct-tapes a sludge hammer with a heavy duty circular saw.

I’ll leave it at that since I don’t want to spoil the entire trailer for you. Hit the play button and check out the rest of it!

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