TRON: Legacy Director To Helm The Twilight Zone Movie?

Like I always say, remakes are usually a touchy subject. This is especially true when it comes to the horror and sci-fi scene because fans are obviously faithful to the originals, and they just don’t want originals to be f*cked with. Period.

In most cases, I feel the same way, but when great filmmakers are behind a remake, I usually tend to switch sides and betray those fans, including myself. I don’t intentionally do it, and I’m still resistant to some remakes like Oldboy, but when I hear the new The Twilight Zone movie might be different than the 1983 classic, I can’t help but to jump on the remake bandwagon. The original Twilight Zone: The Movie was one of those rarities that scared the shit out of me when I was a kid, and I still appreciate that it had that affect on me. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing a modern take on it now since it’s pretty dated, and Dan Aykroyd isn’t as cool as he use to be.

We know for a fact that the remake has been in development for a long time with Warner Bros. and Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way, and Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Let Me In) was previously on board to direct the new Twilight Zone movie. Now, it’s being reported that TRON: Legacy and Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski is in ongoing discussions with both companies to helm the future project. It’s also said that a script that has been worked on previously is getting another makeover just to fit Kosinski’s strengths.

Lastly, rumor is that the remake will have a single story instead of several segments directed by different directors, but will touch on a few themes from the original TV series.

We’ll keep you updated when more news gets announced. Stay tuned on Yell! Magazine.

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