Scion Rock Fest (2013) Footage Rolling Out All Week

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The fifth annual Scion Rock Fest took place on June 1, 2013, in Memphis, Tennessee. The one day event hosted hosted 32 metal and hard rock bands, coupling legendary outfits like Testament and the Melvins alongside punk-metal luminaries Corrosion of Conformity and Negative Approach with a number of the genre’s most celebrated newcomers including A Life Once Lost, Royal Thunder, and Anciients. Additional bands that performed at Scion Rock Fest are listed below.

Earlier this week, footage of Municipal Waste performing the hardcore thrasher “Monster with 21 Faces” (above) and of Pallbearer performing the deeply doomy “Foreigner” (below) were made available on Scion A/V’s YouTube page. You’ll also find clips from Ice Dragon, Arsis, Noisem, and Negative Approach currently available. Later today (August 7th), you’ll find Testament’s performance of “Dark Roots of Earth” posted, and tomorrow will see The Shrine’s “Napalm.”

So far, the video and audio quality of these live performances have been supremely professional, and you shouldn’t expect anything different with the Testament and The Shrine posts. Multiple angles, HD, and plugged into the soundboard all add up to enjoyable music watching on YouTube.

The reason for the performance trickle from Scion is because the brand is preparing for the All Purpose Show LIVE at Scion Rock Fest! on August 12th. The All Purpose Show, the Prince Paul-hosted interview series from Scion A/V, will feature a special episode dedicated to Scion Rock Fest. The Interviews with several bands including Testament, Touché Amoré, and Municipal Waste are interspersed with candid, on-the-street interviews with fans and musicians on Memphis’ famed Beale Street.

Until then, just enjoy the music.

List of acts at the Scion Rock Fest 2013:

Arsis, Municipal Waste, Melvins, Royal Thunder, Pallbearer, Corrosion Of Conformity, Whitechapel, The Shrine, Six Feet Under, A Life Once Lost, The Casualties, The Gates of Slumber, Impaled, Vision of Disorder, Code Orange Kids, Subrosa, Ice Dragon, Indian Handcrafts, Anciients, Testament, Vektor, Gigan, Complete Failure, Inter Arma, Touché Amoré, Call of the Void, Hot Lunch, ASG

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