Kandie Land (2013) Trailer – Too Much Hatchet?

“Here’s the kicker,” Kandie Land looks to be a little over-inspired by Adam Green’s Hatchet franchise. But the new Fright Teck Pictures’ film does look like it will be brutally bloody and delightfully low budget. Personally, I think writer/director Eddie Lengyel could have drawn more inspiration from ’80s slashers, but I’ll take scantily dressed hot chicks who learn a lesson in morality any way I can get it.

kandie land

Kandie Land stars Ari Lehman, Lisa Neeld, Carl Ferrara, Tina Grimm, Alex Russo, Helena Kocinski, Jessica Lauschin, and Max Ryan Mayson. There’s no word on when this will be released, but it’s ready to go by the looks of things and we’ll keep you posted.

Rock Hard \m/

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