UFC 162: Weidman KOs Silva – Full Fight Video Highlights

Boo Fucking Hoo! The UFC legend and pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva got beat by Chris Weidman last night. Are you still in tears? Get over it because a new man in town is carrying the middleweight strap, and he’s one bad ass dude.

I’ll admit it shocked the world, including myself, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t drop my initial thoughts about the fight during the post-fight presser because things made a lot more sense afterwards. It’s true, when Silva got rocked by Weidman with a hard left in the second round, the first thing I said to myself is “How stupid can you be?”. Maybe Silva over did with taunts this time, but we all knew that’s exactly how he plays, it’s just a classic taunt gone wrong.

UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman

Weidman figured out the hole that others like Chael Sonnen couldn’t, and went swinging for the fences rather than face humiliation. Just don’t go around and take the win away from him by saying Silva wasn’t his best, he underestimated him during the fight, or Weidman got lucky. Although, still considered the best in MMA because of his longest reign in UFC history, Silva simply met his match last night at UFC 162, and Weidman came out as the better fighter.

After all, a rematch will most likely happen, unless Silva truly decides to retire from the sport.

“I guarantee you there’s nothing more he wants than that rematch with Chris Weidman,” UFC President Dana White said.

For now, Silva just wants to rest and be with his family for a few months. In the meantime, you might just want to replay Weidman’s win since it still remains exciting, regardless if it’s the biggest upset in the UFC.

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