UFC 162: Chris Weidman – “If I Don’t Win This Title, It’s A Complete Failure In My Mind”

In a matter of a few days, we’ll see if Chris Weidman‘s five years of hard work to get to Anderson Silva will pay off at UFC 162. Weidman clearly recalls the moment he analyzed the skill set of UFC’s middleweight champion on his living room couch in 2008, and determined in his head that someday he will dethrone him.

This Saturday night in Las Vegas, Nevada, is finally that day for the 29-year-old New Yorker, who currently holds an outstanding pro MMA record of 9 wins, and 0 loses. Although, far less great than Silva’s winning streak, Weidman still holds a number of key factors that could cause a problem for the champion. His age, grappling technique, knockout power, and a strong mindset should be a threat this weekend. However, Silva’s game plan, speed, and experience should never be underestimated, which seems to be the case among the ones counting Silva out.

Weidman’s final thoughts before UFC 162, according to BJPENN.com:

“If you go in the cage with insecurities, he’s going to feed on it, he’s going to mess with you. He’s going to make that insecurity grow and make you feel, ‘Wow, I really don’t belong in the cage with this guy, he can knock me out any time he wants.’ You see guys melt down, almost give up because they’re so mentally beaten. Well, he’s going to have to go through hell to do that to me.”

“If I don’t win this title, it’s a complete failure in my mind. I got in the sport for one reason, to be champion. When I decided to make the transition from wrestling to MMA, it was going to be a big sacrifice on my family. I had to make the decision, ‘I’m going to work hard every single day. I’m going to do the best I possibly can with the athletic ability I have.’ I knew I had potential, I knew I had talent. But it’s easy to waste that, especially when you have talent. I could beat a lot of guys in the room not really working hard. But I wanted to be known as the hardest worker in the room, which wasn’t always my main thing before I got to MMA. I said if I’m going to do this and my family is going to have to go through this, I’m working my ass off to be No. 1. The only reason I’m going to do it is to be world champion.”

The last post-fight presser for UFC 162 starts in a few moments, and the weigh-in takes place on Friday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Make sure you catch up with all the news here on Yell! Magazine.

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