New “Machete Kills” Poster Shows Charlie Sheen As President – He’s Got Our Vote

Machete Kills Poster (Charlie Sheen)

It was shit news when the release date for Rodriguez’ Machete Kills got officially pushed back to October, and we got over that announcement after a few pints of cervezas with star Danny Trejo. Unfortunately, I’m just joking here; that never happened. But the film’s new poster featuring Charlie Sheen just brighten up my day. If you’re not convinced that Sheen would make a good American president, then you’re living on the wrong planet, man. Sheen looks unstoppable as Carlos Estevez and America needs a president that can take care of business with his own hands. I’ll just rest my case with that!

Machete Kills is slated to hit theaters on Friday, October 4, 2013.

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