EA Sports UFC Official Trailer – Anthony Pettis Misses Henderson, WTF? [VIDEO]

EA Sports promised to reveal the new UFC game at E3 yesterday, and they did. However, I feel a little raped because it’s just an extension of the teaser trailer. Well, in all fairness, absolutely nothing new in here expect a small change that bugs me now. They completely fucked up the “Showtime Kick” by Anthony Pettis this time. He misses UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson by a few inches in the trailer. What the fuck? I guess maybe Henderson wasn’t happy they showed his face deform in the debut trailer released previously.

Ea Sports UFC

Anywho, the presentation was still pretty cool at E3. UFC President Dana White presented EA Sports UFC with current light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones, including Benson Henderson.

Check it out!


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