The Simpsons Trivia Featuring The Sexy Arianny Celeste [VIDEO]

Ok, so usually you won’t ever catch us posting a Simpsons video here on Yell! Magazine, unless it’s a Halloween special, or an episode that features a rock star. Otherwise, we don’t even know this show exists. Don’t get me wrong, The Simpsons is a great series on FOX, but it’s just not our cup of tea considering the nature of this site.

However, this new video by Cinefix caught our attention because longtime running UFC Octagon girl Arianny Celeste is featured in it, and she puts your Simpsons knowledge to test. The best part of the trivia, if you manage to make it to the last question, Arianny strips all the way down to her bikini and shows you how to chug on huge pint of beer. Just Lovely!

Arianny Celeste

What are you waiting for? Release your inner-nerd and give The Simpsons Strip Trivia a try now. What have you got to lose?


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