The Lords Of Salem – New Majestic Clip

The Lords of Salem (2013)Just a week away from its release, the Rob Zombie film The Lords of Salem pushes another clip onto the Internet. In this particular clip, we see a seemingly possessed or otherwise haunted Heidi, the film’s radio DJ (and Rob Zombie’s wife), enter a majestic hall to the tune of Mozart’s Requiem.

Rob Zombie explains the clip:

“This is a key moment in the film where our main character, Heidi Hawthorne, finally confronts the dreaded apartment five to meet the bizarre master of her nightmares. It is one of my favorite scenes in the film and wasn’t even in the original script.”

Yeah! Witches, radio DJs, evil messages on vinyl. What is not to love about this film?

The Lords of Salem hits theaters on April 19th.

Rock Hard \m/

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