Dave Lombardo Brings Back Grip Inc.

“Former” Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo is reforming Grip Inc., an old side project of his. However, does that mean he’s done with Slayer?

According to an interview Lombardo gave to Rock Overdose he would like to return. At the moment, however, “he doesn’t know how things will evolve, so all he can do is wait and see.” I’m sure you, like us, would like to see him back in the Slayer fold… but only under fair circumstances, if they’ve been unfair.

Until then, we’ll have time to get excited about Grip Inc. Lombardo confirmed that a tour is definitely in the future and there’s a possibility of a new album. He and guitarist Waldemar Sorychta both expressed an interest in doing one. So far, Grip Inc. has replaced former vocalist Gus Chambers (died 2008) with Casey Chaos from Amen.

Dave Lombardo - Grip Inc.Dave Lombardo - Grip Inc.

Lombardo’s other band, Philm, will perform at the Second Skin Club in Athens, Greece, on April 20th and 21st.

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