Ghost B.C. Unleashes New Single “Monstrance Clocks” From Infestissumam

Ghost B.C.

Ghost B.C.

The mysterious Swedish doom-metallers have kept their identity hidden since 2008, and they don’t plan to unveil it anytime soon. The band members are usually outfitted in hooded robes, excluding the vocalist known as Papa Emeritus II, who always appears in a skull mask, or makeup, and a cardinal outfit.

However, Ghost B.C.‘s new album, Infestissumam, is becoming less of a secret to us as they continue to unveil new tracks from it, including the premiere of a song entitled “Monstrance Clocks”, which you can now stream via Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone describes the track as:

…a dark, satanic-themed metal track. It pairs a haunting organ with eerie lyrics and ends with a choir singing “Come together, together as one/ Come together for Lucifer’s son.” The metal riff, unrelenting drums and periodic bouts of electronica create a sound somewhere between Mastodon and Metallica, with a healthy dose of Swedish synth mixed in.

The release of Infestissumam has already been pushed back to April 16th, due to a controversial piece of art on the deluxe version, but we don’t expect anymore delays since the band went with a plan B. The new song will tide us all over until the official release this week, as we’re really looking forward to another killer album by Ghost B.C.. Who knows, maybe this time they will pick an award for it at the Grammis, which is the Swedish equivalent of the Grammy Awards.

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