Bruce Campbell’s Brief Cameo In The Evil Dead Remake [VIDEO]

Evil Dead (2013) PosterShame on you if you happen to walk out during the credits of the Evil Dead remake because right after the TriStar Pictures closing logo appears, Bruce Campbell has a brief cameo as Ash, and best of all, he says one of his classic lines from the original Evil Dead.


The remake is definitely groovy, and Fede Alvarez did a fantastic job rewriting the story with Diablo Cody. The use of practical FX over CGI was an excellent call by the director, and the cast was awesome overall, especially Jane Levy as Mia. That chainsaw scene gave me goosebumps!

I highly recommend checking out this remake while it’s playing in theaters worldwide, and if want to know how much more we liked the film, then you should read our full review.


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