Can You Handle The “Original Original” Evil Dead Short? [VIDEO]

(Evil Dead) Within The WoodsCan you handle 30-minutes of Sam Raimi madness? Because this is some real evil shit right here. Some of you claim to be true Evil Dead fans, but did you ever watch the original version before the original?

If not, how about testing your true dedication to the series with Raimi’s 1978 original short, Within the Woods, starring Bruce Campbell as himself. I have a feeling you won’t get past the credits, but if you do, you get my full respect man.

Within the Woods served as a “prototype” horror film that was shot on a budget of $1600 to convince potential investors to turn it into a feature film. Was it a success you ask? Indeed it was because the short spawned a larger budget remake titled Evil Dead, including a franchise. Within the Woods also helped develop several aesthetic qualities found in Raimi’s later films.

Within the Woods (1978)

This short is definitely worth a watch before the remake of Evil Dead opens on Friday, and I promise you won’t be walking into the theater as a poser.

Check it out!


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