Outlast: Will It Be The Scariest Game Ever? [VIDEO]

Red Barrels studio is clearly on a mission to bring us the scariest survival game yet with Outlast. This is of course all based on the recent reactions the game received at PAX East last weekend, and it sounds like players got a lot more scared than what they were hoping for.


According to Dread Central, even the most hardcore journalists are frightened by the demo of Outlast, stating that they might never play the game again. If you’re wondering if this is just a marketing scheme to hype up the game for a new studio before the launch later this year. Well, it’s not, because Red Barrels teamed up with a group of researchers and scientists to give them insights on criminally-insane patients, and mental asylums.

“By providing us with research and insights on criminally-insane patients, as well as historical asylum layouts and techniques, Thwacke is helping us make Outlast’s gameplay both scary and scientifically grounded,” said Philippe Morin, Red Barrels co-founder. “The more grounded it is, the more believable the world we’re building will be.”

“We think with an accurate depiction of facilities, we’ll be able to explain more methods to the madness happening in Outlast,” added Kevin Neibert, pharmacologist.

With all that said, Outlast sounds like the real deal to me in term of a next-gen survival horror, and I’m really looking forward to this release now.

In the meantime, check out this scary ass video preview from Outlast.


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