Swamp Thing Blu-ray Edition – Is It On Your List Of Must-Haves?

Swamp Thing Blu-rayBefore the rumored reboot of Swamp Thing happens, you need to get your hands on the 1982 cult comic book classic that was written and directed by Wes Craven. Regardless, if you remember Swamp Thing being an average film by Craven, its still regarded as one of his finest of his early work. Swamp Thing is obviously different from Craven’s usual films because his intent was to show Hollywood his range in direction, which he sort of achieved later in his career, but only with horror of course. Since Swamp Thing is a unique take by Craven, it should be on your list of must-haves, in my opinion, even if you don’t consider it a true Craven film.

If you agree, then you will be happy to hear that Scream Factory is planning to provide as many bells and whistles with the Blu-ray release of Swamp Thing. Unfortunately, they confirmed that they will only be able to present the 91-minute U.S. cut of the film, which is the same version MGM released on DVD in 2005. So you won’t be getting the 93-minute “unrated” international version that contains more nudity than the PG-rated.

As soon as more details are announced for the Swamp Thing Blu-ray release, like an exact street date, will be sure to keep you updated here on Yell! Magazine.

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