Sony Plans To Release Another Resident Evil Film In 2014

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6

Clearly the Resident Evil film franchise is financially successful because Sony keeps releasing a sequel every two years since 2002. Paul W. S. Anderson did admit that in an interview for Retribution with an initial plan to produce the sixth installment back-to-back, but Anderson decided to focus on just the fifth film at that time.

The first chapter was definitely a hit in my opinion and I’ll admit right now that Resident Evil: Apocalypse kind of turned me off from the rest of the films, but overall learned to appreciate them over time, except Afterlife. I just can’t seem to like that one. The last chapter Resident Evil: Retribution fared very well during its theatrical release, grossing $221 million worldwide. The film was shot in glorious 3-D, just like Afterlife, and the story was once again left open for another sequel.

Since Anderson previously mentioned that he had plans for Resident Evil 6, ShockTillYouDrop recently reported that Sony/Screen Gems confirmed a set release date slated for September 12, 2014. Which means the production team has 18 months to put the film together, and Anderson will most likely helm the project again.

Keep checking back on Yell! Magazine for further details to come on Resident Evil 6.

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