Fallout: New Vegas 2 Could Be In The Works By Obsidian… Not By Bethesda

Fallout: New Vegas 2

Fallout: New Vegas 2

Nothing is officially confirmed or even in the plan yet, but in a brief chat between Obsidian Entertainment and Rock Paper Shotgun, CEO Feargus Urquhart mentioned that he would “love” to get Fallout: New Vegas 2 rolling with his studio in the West Coast, and keep it independent from any Fallout game Bethesda may be working on in the future.

“I think if we were to do Fallout: New Vegas 2–or just a new Fallout–we would probably separate it from what the internal team at Bethesda’s doing,” Urquhart said. “We’d keep it on the West Coast, because we’re West Coast people. They’re East Coast, so it makes sense.”

Additionally, Urquhart suggested that the post-apocalyptic game could be inspired by our favorite TV series, The Walking Dead, which by the way kicked off this past weekend with the second half of season 3. He also hinted that the game could be set in Los Angeles, therefore it would be titled Fallout: LA. However, from the concept described by Urquhart below, everything still sounds up in the air.

“And we need an interesting confined area. So I mean, it could be LA. Fallout LA,” he added. “That could be interesting. It’d probably be The Boneyard, which is from Fallout 1. It could be very different. It could be almost a Walking Dead meets Fallout-like thing because of all the radiation.”

Lastly, Obsidian not only has Fallout: New Vegas 2 in the back of their minds, but last week also pitched LucasArts on a new Star Wars themed RPG, which is still under review by Disney.

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