Tonight – The Walking Dead’s Mid-Season Premiere

The Walking Dead Season 3If you’re like us, you’ve missed The Walking Dead on AMC since its mid-season finale back in December. Don’t get caught off-guard tonight – the show that beats all other shows is back on as of February 10th. We’ll just have to wait to see if the second half kicks off as intensely as the season premiere did, which was a virtual zombie slaughter fest. Actually, the first half of Season 3 has given us enough zombie blood to fill a kiddie pool. Check out the video above for a recap of every zombie kill so far.

The Walking Dead, Season 3 hasn’t just been about disposing of walkers, or biters if you’re a Governor loyalist, we’ve actually lost plenty of our own breathing types:

All the prisoners (except Axel)
Some Woodbury citizens
The cabin guy
Neil Gargulio – the guy whose name Merle couldn’t pronounce
The National Guard
Donna (from Tyreese’s group)
And I’m sure I might be missing some…

If you want a brief recap of where things left off, here we go: Rick and his tribe have invaded Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie. A street skirmish erupts. Rick and co. escape. Michonne killed the Governor’s zombie daughter, Penny, but she failed to off him because Andre walked in. Daryl got captured and was put into the scream pit to go head-to-head against his brother Merle. A new group has entered the prison, and Carl quickly locked them up (but they seem like potential allies).

That’s it in a nutshell, and it leaves the direction of the second half of the season wide open.

AMC has been busy promoting The Walking Dead, Season 3, Part 2 with marathons and promo clips. We’ve gone ahead and gathered most of them and you can see them below.

Enjoy the episode tomorrow and let us know what you think.

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