Iron Man 3 Super Bowl Spot

While Star Trek Into Darkness went with quick visuals and tons of explosions for its 30-second Super Bowl spot, Iron Man 3 went with Robert Downey, Jr. just staring at us and saying, “That might have been more extensive than extended.”

However, an extended version of the spot has surfaced on the Internet, and you can watch it above. If you have a quick eye, you’ll catch some cast members, such as Ben Kingsley (the Mandarin), Guy Pearce (Dr. Aldrich Killian), and Don Cheadle (War Machine). If you’re eyes aren’t so quick, well, you can’t really miss 13 people falling out of an exploding airplane, but they’re there and Iron Man has to save them all.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 is the first Marvel film out of the gate since The Avengers, and a lot of Internet opinion seems to think that Director Shane Black is going to crush Jon Favreau’s first installment of the franchise.

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