2 New Terrifying Clips From Mimesis (2013)

MimesisWe’re just a couple weeks away from the February 12 Blu-ray release of Mimesis, and the promotion machine is shifting into overdrive. We just received two new terrifying clips from the homage to Night of the Living Dead, and one thing is certain, Mimesis will mesmerize you.

In the “Hallway” clip we get jump scares as our token black guy (Duane, played by Allen Maldonado) explores the upper level of the house. Yes, there is a spot in the clip where it appears the film speeds up. I had to play it again just to see if it was my buffering, but no, it’s there and it’s actually a cool effect. Subtle, but cool.

In the “Basement” clip (at the top of this article), we witness three of our heroines crouched and hiding in terror under the basement stairs. Yes, a surprisingly strong and aware female zombie is stalking her next meal… and that first bite will make you squirm like a torture victim.

Enjoy and Rock Hard \m/

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