Pierce The Veil – Do MCR With “Hell Above” [VIDEO]

Are we really talking about post-metalcore (or post-hardcore) already? That’s what Pierce the Veil is, and last week the band released the video for “Hell Above.” It’s a stock video that really doesn’t do the song justice. With chanting fans and live performances of the band, it’s pretty plain. The song, however, is much more interesting.

“Hell Above,” from Pierce the Veil’s latest release (Collide with the Sky), clearly shows the “post” in “post-metalcore,” which actually shows a greater vocal range, better musicianship, and some electronic influences – and some of it is reminiscent of My Chemical Romance. Does that mean I like it? I plead the fifth.

Pierce the Veil

Check out the video above and let us know what you think below.

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