Exclusive “Red Box” Clip From The Collection [VIDEO]

The Collection (2012)Surprisingly, booby traps have never looked better than the ones you’re about to see in an exclusive clip from The Collection, a sequel to The Collector. Don’t take my word for it, just check it out for yourself, and I promise you will forget Saw. Ok, maybe not forget it, but at least look forward to something a little more refreshing this month.

The Collector is underrated, and it has surely been skipped by many horror fans because it wasn’t advertised enough to the get the word out, in my opinion. But, the big question I’m asking myself is, “how in the hell did it get a sequel?” And the only guess I could come up with is that The Collector must have had enough of a cult following to produce The Collection. It’s true that I’m surprised about this sequel, but, because The Collector was down right awesome, I’m actually really happy that The Collection is getting a theatrical release on November 30 (U.S.). If you favor the Saw series, you absolutely won’t be disappointed by this film.

The Collection

The Collection is directed by Marcus Dunstan, and this is his second feature film in collaboration with screenplay writer Patrick Melton (Saw IV-VI, Saw 3D, Piranha 3DD).

Enjoy the clip and don’t forget to share it!

The Collection Trailer

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