Slayer’s “Angel Of Death” Gets Raped

Some idiot with a death wish from a thousand metal fists has “reinterpreted” Slayer‘s 1986 classic track “Angel of Death,” from Reign in Blood. This asshole didn’t even have the common courtesy to lube Slayer up before he went ahead and raped “Angel of Death” with dubstep strap-on. Yeah, this dubstep version of “Angel of Death” is a part of some super fake metal subgenre calling itself Deathstep. Yeah, since when has Slayer been a death metal act? Some people just try too hard.

Slayer - Reign In Blood Limited Edition

Please post a comment and let us know what you think of the track. And once you’ve finished vomiting, go ahead and remember what the original was like below.

Slayer – “Angel of Death”

Rock Hard \m/

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