Turbogeist May Haunt You With Ancient Secrets

What do you do when you’ve never heard a band before, such as Turbogeist? If you’re like most of us, you hit up YouTube. This is exactly what I did when I received the press release (below) announcing the January 15, 2013, release of Turbogeist‘s debut EP, Ancient Secrets.

I landed on a song called “Alien Girl,” which I’m not sure is on the EP. My immediate reaction was, “What kind of hipster crap are they sending me?” Then, 40 seconds in, the chorus hit, and I was hooked. Then the lyrics hit me, I laughed, and realized a punk-inspired band singing about sci-fi themes was perfect for Yell! Magazine.

Enjoy the video, read the press release for details, and…

Rock Hard \m/


November 8, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA – London-based rockers, Turbogeist, will release their Ancient Secrets EP on January 15, 2012, in the U.S. via Spinefarm Records.

Co-produced by the band and Chris Sheldon (who has previously worked with Pixies, Radiohead, and Foo Fighters, amongst others), Ancient Secrets was recorded at Livingston Studios in North London, and will be available as a digital download plus a numbered, colored vinyl 10 inch.

Inspired in part by Apocalyptic times, Ancient Secrets includes five ripping tracks, with man’s stuttering evolution at the core of the action. The featured songs include “Mermaid’s Revenge” (about our ill-fated attempts to conquer nature), for which a video has just been filmed, and “Zero Friends” (about society’s slow death by social networking).

Says guitarist/vocalist, Jimmy:

“Ancient Secrets pertains to our obsession with all things fantastical and cryptic. It’s an abstract title, but these are abstract times. We didn’t wanna make an ‘oi oi punk-angst’ record, although that’s how we started out. We wanted to make something more tongue-in-cheek, more weird. We were always turned on by a splatter gun of influences. We didn’t want to make a punk or hardcore or glam or thrash record; we didn’t wanna make anything that felt sonically linear. If the EP were a drug it would probably be acid, as it could go in a few directions. It could be scary, but it could also make you laugh or cry, or make you realize that nothing is real and we are all just a collection of atoms moving very fast to no discernible end.”

Inspired by ’70s-era punk rock and ’80s hardcore, and taking cues from The Replacements, The Damned and The Misfits, Turbogeist – Jimmy, Luis, James, and Josh – are out to carve their own path, melding their influences (including a deep love of comic books) into an amalgam of twisted sci-fi-laden punk rock exploding with raw aggression and attitude.

Guitarist/vocalist Luis adds:

“Being a youth in the ’90s with Brit pop, Grunge, Hip-hop, and great rock bands emerging on the radio and music television, we were spoiled for choice. Nowadays everything seems too polished. However. if you look beyond the void of Mercury Awards and Coldplay b-sides, there are great underground scenes/bands emerging.”

Turbogeist will be guesting with Cancer Bats on three of their UK dates in December:
08th – Fibbers, York
13th – Sugarmill, Stoke
18th – O2 Academy, Liverpool

The debut Turbogeist album is already in the can and will follow in Spring 2013.


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