Strange Kids Club Presents: “The Burning 2” Limited-Edition Poster Print By Artist Nathan Thomas Milliner

The Burning 2 Poster Art

The Burning 2 Poster Art

Oh, boy! Do our friends over at Strange Kids Club have a tasty treat for you this Halloween, as they kick-started the month with the unveiling of The Burning 2 poster art we only wish existed, if Cropsey ever returned for a sequel.

Since this will most likely never happen, as The Weinstein’s are far too busy with their heads up there asses working on other sequels, such as Halloween III and Scary Movie 5, rather than working on a film that launched their career, one brave artist, Nathan Thomas Milliner, took it upon his crafty skills to revive Cropsey in a limited-edition poster print that will be made available for purchase on Strange Kids Club this Thursday.

Expect two more limited edition prints by different artists to be announced momentarily by SKC via Twitter and Facebook.

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