Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines Unrated Trailer Has Landed – Will This Offend You? We Hope Not [VIDEO]

Wrong Turn 5: BloodlinesThe pleasure is ours to introduce you to the Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines unrated trailer, and it’s guaranteed to make you either laugh or offend you.

Most likely you will laugh since you’re probably already familiar with the splatter franchise, and you really dig watching people suffer in the most bizarre death scenes possible. The Wrong Turn sequels have continued to exploit that approach further with each new entry, and it looks like Bloodlines will be the most entertaining one in terms of kills out of the bunch based on this new trailer alone. Plus, can it really go wrong with having Doug Bradley (Pinhead, Hellraiser) in the movie? I doubt it, so check out the trailer, and leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines gets a Blu-ray/DVD release on October 23, 2012.


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