RoboCop (2013) Set Pictures: Does The New RC-2000 Look As Dull As The Vindicator?

Oh yes! Or should I be saying, Oh no! Based solely on the pictures you’re about to see, the RoboCop remake looks like something we wish could just disappear off the face of this planet. The film is being helmed by José Padilha (Bus 174), and the principal photography began this weekend in Toronto, Canada. That means, we get a first-look at the titular character, RoboCop (RC-2000), in full gear played by Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman, who also plays the role of Alex Murphy before he gets transformed into a powerful cyborg with submerged memories haunting him.

Obviously, the first thing you get once you see the set pictures is an instant reaction on whether the new RoboCop appeals to you or not. My first impression isn’t all that favorable, and I can definitely say that I won’t be sold on the new vision until I see what it looks like on the big screen. To me, the original RoboCop in Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi classic looks like it is meant for urban action, and is robust enough to withstand a nuclear blast. I also appreciate all the aesthetic touches, like the silver gloss finish and the darker flexible joints that allowed RoboCop to move about so fluidly, and the visor still stands out like a motherfucker. As for the new RoboCop, not much can be said in comparison; it looks like a plastic model ready for a kid to play with. And it should come with a warning label that reads: “Please keep object away from fire.”

The Vindicator (1986)
The Vindicator (1986)
Even the Vindicator (also known as Roboman) thinks he has more flare than the new RoboCop. Unless you completely disagree with the both us? If so, have your say in the comment section below.

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