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fatal clothing

Fatal Clothing – Credit: FataClothing.com

Fatal Clothing has a motto that everyone with a pulse should abide by. “Live Life Hard.” What else needs to be said about that?

Fatal Clothing is owned and operated by two guys out of Southern California, Mark Atkins and Bill Gaylord. The brand, which features tattoo-inspired art, began in Atkin’s garage, where he made shirts to sell to friends. In 2008, Gaylord joined Atkins, and now Fatal Clothing offers a massive range of products and sells via its website and various retail stores throughout the world.

As mentioned, Fatal Clothing offers a range of clothing (for men, women, and kids) that includes: T-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, long sleeves, tanks, bikinis, flannels, hats, socks (Yes! Socks are huge), and more. Plus, the punk mentality of the brand also dictates that they offer stickers, patches, and posters.

I’ve gone ahead and made a gallery of some of my favorite Fatal Clothing items, all of which are available for purchase at: fatalclothing.com

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