Heavy MTL 2012: Between The Buried And Me – Nerdcore’s Finest Interviewed [VIDEO]

between the buried and me

…and I mean that in the best way possible. When you look at the young men from Between the Buried and Me, you don’t get what you expect. Advance apologies for being so superficially prejudiced. But it’s true, damn it! These guys don’t look like your typical flesh-eating death metal outfit. What they look like is a Bible-thumping Christian band. And that makes sense, since they hail from Raleigh, North Carolina. Or, you might think Radiohead or Coldplay.

It also makes sense that musically Between the Buried and Me aren’t your typical death metal band; these guys play a progressive version of the violent, soul-devouring genre, with some metalcore in the mix. Purists might scoff at the combination, but what comes out of the speakers is pure auditory genius.

between the buried and me

Between the Buried and Me are far from being newcomers (with six full-length albums, an EP, a cover album, and more under their belt), but with such a specific and nuanced sound it’s unlikely that they’ll enter the mainstream anytime soon.

At Heavy MTL 2012, we sat down with bassist Dan Briggs and we asked some questions about Between the Buried and Me that we thought you’d like to know the answers to. We covered everything from influences to prog rock to pop music to what makes him happiest to side projects to Randy Blythe to future tours and more.

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