Heavy MTL 2012: Rose Funeral Interview With Ryan Gardner [VIDEO]

With Gates of Punishment nearing its one-year anniversary, the members of Rose Funeral found themselves playing at Heavy MTL 2012 to legions of hardcore metal fans. These fans are pretty unforgiving when it comes to their metal; they want good metal and aren’t afraid to be vocalize their disapproval when something sucks (just ask Five Finger Death Punch how they feel). Luckily, Rose Funeral is serious about its metal and its particular brand of death metal, which incorporates death metal and black metal vocals, crushing riffs, and NWOBHM melodies on dual guitars.

We were originally scheduled to interview Kevin Snook (lead guitar), but we ultimately found ourselves sitting down with Ryan Gardner (vocalist). As it turns out, this was the first time for Rose Funeral to play an event on this magnitude, making it an exciting and memorable experience for the band. (We’re sure the fans at Heavy TO didn’t give them as warm a reception as Heavy MTL did.) Rose Funeral better get used to playing events this large, because the band has arrived.

Rose Funeral Interview With Ryan Gardner

I talked to Ryan about the latest album and mentioned that it sounds more accomplished than the previous album, The Resting Sonata. He recognized the fact and attributed it to maturity and the involvement of new band members. I also wanted to know about “Malignant Amour” and the opera singer on that track, and he gave an interesting answer that you should be able to use in a trivia question at some point in your life. And naturally, as I did with all our interviewees, I asked about the Randy Blythe situation.

Malignant Amour by Rose Funeral on Grooveshark

Rose Funeral have a bunch of tour dates lined up, and if you get a chance to see them, I highly recommend that you do.

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