Gina Carano Posing With “The Rock” On The Set Of “The Fast And The Furious 6” [PICS]

I had no doubt in my mind that Gina Carano would return to the big screen before making a comeback fight inside the cage. It still seems fair to say that her last fight in the MMA with Cris Cyborg before stepping over to Hollywood left a permanent scar, and forced her to re-evaluate her future as a contender in STRIKEFORCE.

A few months ago, Gina Carano has been negotiating a deal to be cast in The Fast and the Furious 6, and “The Rock” (Dwayne Johnson) pretty much confirmed his new partner in the movie when he tweeted the following message along with the photo on Twitter:

“Beast & the Beauty”.. Me & my FAST 6 partner in ass kickins (and fun)

Fast and the Furious 6 is now officially in production, directed by Justin Lin, and the movie picks up right after Johnson lets Vin Diesel and Paul Walker go in Fast Five. The movie also stars Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez, Joe Taslim, and Luke Evans.

The Fast And The Furious 6

Fast and the Furious 6 is slated for a theatrical release in the US on May 24, 2013.

Gina Carano Posing With "The Rock" On The Set Of "The Fast And The Furious 6"

Gina Carano Posing With The Rock On The Set Of The Fast And The Furious 6

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