Heavy MTL 2012: Goatwhore Interview With Ben Falgoust [VIDEO]

Is it me, or does Ben Falgoust bear a striking resemblance to Sully Erna and Charles Manson? With that image in your mind, now contemplate sitting down to talk to the Goatwhore frontman. Also consider that we made him wait in the heat for the air-conditioned trailer to free up. Actually, he also wanted to wait, so we took the opportunity to chat with him a little off camera. Among the few things we discovered, Ben seemed to be pretty upset that Killswitch Engage was performing at the same time as Goatwhore, which I then asked him about in the interview.

Goatwhore Interview With Ben Falgoust

I say it all the time, and if it weren’t true, I wouldn’t say it about a particular artist, but Ben Falgoust was an incredibly polite and generous person. I like to make mention of this when it’s true because I believe fans should know if the artist they admire is a prick or a genuinely nice person. He’s also a bit older and wiser than many of the young metallers who played Heavy MTL 2012.

Our interview was pretty informative and he left a few surprises for fans to discover. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it.

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