Fantasia 2012: Jennifer Lynch Talks Up “CHAINED” And Her Favorite David Lynch Movies [VIDEO]

Of all the interviews we’ve had at Montreal’s Fantasia 2012, I was most excited to speak with Jennifer Lynch. Not because I liked Hisss. Not because of Boxing Helena. Not because of her genealogy. But because she hasn’t been laid in 400 years.

Actually, something she says in the heart-wrenching documentary Despite the Gods. The film chronicles her horrific experiences while filming Hisss in India. Despite the nightmare, she’s still willing to have another go at a Bollywood project. What can be said? Bollywood nearly broke this woman, and she came back stronger than ever. How can you not admire that.

What did she come back with? Chained. This fucking film will cause your balls to shrivel and retreat into your pelvis. The idea that the very concept of this film came from someone’s mind is horrifying. Writers Jennifer Lynch and Damian O’Donnell should be institutionalized. Chained borders on exploitation, giving you a similar gut-wrenching experience as you probably felt watching Last House on the Left and I Spit on your Grave. If those films didn’t make you feel guilty for watching, dude, you’re a fucking psychopath.

So, Chained takes you into the world of Bob (Vincent D’Onofrio), a taxi-driving serial killer who uses his cab as his lure. In Chained he lures a mother and her son, ultimately making the son (Eamon Farren) his servant and witness. But I don’t want to ruin the trailer or the film for you, so I’ll leave the synopsis at that.

One last thing before you go, Jennifer Lynch was one cool woman – very chill, relaxed, warm, funny, and friendly.

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