KISS Monster Has Confirmed Release Dates & A Track Listing

This KISS machine is in full motion with well-oiled parts, and they’re not using KY jelly. Releasing promotional shit in piecemeal increments, KISS is getting ready to unload their 20th studio effort.

As a long-time KISS fan, I’m really looking forward to Monster, but not just because I’m a fan. More because I’d lost a little bit of respect for the band in recent years, what with all the licensing of their songs for television commercials and appearances on the likes of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, and I’m excited to hear the new album. Especially after hearing “Hell or Hallelujah.” And it almost seems like Sonic Boom was an opening act for this one.

OK, so the official release dates for Monster are October 15 for Europe and October 16 for North America. There is no official album cover yet (see, piecemeal increments). However, there is a speculative track list:

KISS Monster Track Listing (rumored):

“Hell or Hallelujah” (Written by/sung by Paul Stanley)
“Born to be a Sinner”
“Are You Ready?”
“Wall of Sound”
“Freak” (Confirmed by Tommy Thayer)
“Back to the Stone Age” (To be sung by Gene Simmons)
“Shout Mercy”
“Eat Your Heart Out” (Confirmed by Simmons)
“It’s a Long Way Down”
“The Devil Is Me”
“Out of This World” (Written by/to be sung by Thayer)
“Take Me Down Below”
“All for the Love of Rock & Roll” (To be sung by Eric Singer)
“Last Chance”
“Right Here Right Now” (To be sung by Stanley, European bonus track)

Fuck you, Europe. Why do you get a bonus track?

Rock Hard \m/

KISS Monster - Credit: KISS

KISS Monster – Credit: KISS

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