House At The End Of The Street – Comic-Con Trailer [VIDEO]

A new trailer for House at the End of the Street showed up at Comic-Con 2012, along with a little tchotchke.

In this new trailer, we see Jennifer Lawrence peeking through a peephole of a basement room and entering a room, where she discovers a bed with restraints. Then she’s… OK, I won’t ruin it. You’ll just have to watch the trailer for yourself – and then let us know what you think.

The tchotchke mentioned, is a light pen provided at Comic-Con. When shone on a wall, you get a phone number. Call that number, and you’ll hear Jennifer Lawrence’s voice screaming for help.

If you call from a cell phone, you’ll later receive a link to the clip, along with an option to receive further updates. If you confirm, you’ll get a second text stating, “Thanks for your help. I’ll text you again when I’m in trouble.”

House at The End of the Street

Look for House at the End of the Street to hit theaters on September 21, 2012.

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