KoRn 2012 Interview [VIDEO] – The Secret To Failure Is…

Here it is, Yell! Magazine’s final interview coming out of the D-TOX Rockfest – and it’s with Fieldy and Ray Luzier of KoRn. Actually, our final interview was supposed to be with GWAR, but there was a mix up with their set time and all the interviews that were scheduled prior to them hitting the stage were flushed down the crapper.

KoRn 2012 Video Interview

Man, my KoRn 2012 Interview was a tough one. Not exactly a journalist’s nightmare, but not far from it. Actually, there were a couple of moments when I thought about getting up and walking out on the interview. Imagine that if you will: Mr. Nobody Interviewer walking out on KoRn. Sweet. In retrospect, I think there was tension on the tour bus and we didn’t exactly click. I especially didn’t click with Fieldy, who seemed less than interested in being interviewed. Granted, they were exhausted and Jonathan was, in fact, taking a nap in the hotel at the time of this interview. I do, however, feel that we would have come away with a better interview if we had talked to Ray alone.

So, we talked a bit about KoRn’s history, egos, gaming, and, of course, dubstep. Fieldy claims that KoRn has always had the weird sounds of dubstep in their music; sure, KoRn has experimented with sound, but to say that they’ve always had dubstep in their music is like saying Michael Jackson was always white.

A great piece of advice came from Fieldy during the interview though, which I may be following as I write this. What he said was, “The secret to failure is trying to please everybody.” Unfortunately, in his next breath he said, “We’re doing it for the fans.” Huh? At this point in KoRn’s career I don’t think that they’re trying to garner new fans, so obviously they’re doing it for the fans, which means trying to please the fans, which means trying to please everybody who cares about KoRn. Am I wrong?

Anyway, check out our KoRn 2012 Interview and decide for yourself if they were receptive or not.

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