9 Awesome Things From Full Moon’s Zombies Vs. Strippers [COMIC]

Our friends over at Full Moon were kind enough today to give us this EXCLUSIVE Zombies vs. Strippers single sheet comic strip, which pretty much had us jumping up and down since we laid eyes on it. Specifically our new writer, Joanna Jaguar, who was lucky enough to get an early screening, and plans to bring us the Zombies vs. Strippers movie review sometime this week. As promised.

Well guys, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what Zombies vs. Strippers has in store for us based on the film’s title nor does it take a Mensa membership to decipher these nine over-the-top illustrations by Noel “Scotch” Anderson. Even my stripper neighbor could figure it out. Speaking of my neighbor, I suspect she’s turning into a zombie right this moment. Damn, her moan’s are really starting to get out of control. Got to go!

Charles Band’s upcoming splatter schlock, Zombies vs. Strippers is scheduled for home video on July 10, 2012.

Zombies vs. Strippers comic

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