Dominate The Pit (Workout) – The Ultimate Guide For Metallers (6-Day Program)

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So, you’re a metal fan, huh? And you’ve never been in the pit? How is that possible? Timid? Fearful of getting trampled? Scared of getting your skull bashed in? Or maybe you’re tired of being carried out with your spleen in your ass?

You might consider toning up with Yell! Magazine’s Pit Workout if you want to dominate the pit.

Besides, we’re tired of having your fat-ass, sweaty armpit land on our faces.

Respect the Pit

Take a moment to think about the pit and, if you’ve ever been in one, think about how you’ve moved your body. A circle pit can move pretty fast and you can get winded in a hurry. That’s where cardio will come into play, to dominate the pit you’ll need to do some of that to build your endurance. I’m going to recommend 2-3 30-45 minute runs a week, because that’s what I like to do. But do whatever you like, as long as you get a solid cardio workout in.

Other than that, you’ll do a lot of pushing with your legs, a lot of pushing with your arms, and a lot of core stabilization. You’re going to need strength for that, and I’m recommending elements of a 5×5 program. Also, these muscle-based movements are quick-twitch actions, which are sudden bursts of explosive exertion, which is where my plyometric suggestions will come into play in this pit workout.

Keep in mind that contrary to some of the fat guys rubbing their body odor all over everybody would have you believe, you don’t need to be massive to dominate the pit. Strong and wily guys, or gals, can rule the roost as well.

The 5×5 Aspect of the Pit Workout

A 5×5 workout basically consists of compound exercises (movements that use more than 1 joint and more than 1 muscle group) that you perform 5 sets of 5 repetitions. The trick is that you should struggle to complete the program (but not so much that you injure yourself). You’ll need to figure out your 5-rep max weight. For example, your 1-rep max weight might be 180 pounds, but your 5-rep max will be 160 pounds. Here’s an online calculator to help you out.

Take it easy during your first 5×5 week, you don’t want to hurt yourself. You have to let your muscles adapt, especially if you’re new to training. By the way, 5×5 programs are good for beginners.


Plyometrics is basically a lot of high-impact and explosive jumping. Because it’s high impact, it’s important to take caution so you don’t hurt your joints. Skip the plyometrics if you have any pre-existing injuries that are ongoing.

The Pit Workout

The workout is a 4-day program and you should use your off days to do cardio. So, it’s really a 7-day workout.



Olympic Squats – (legs, buttocks)

-Use a squat rack for safety. Set up the height and load the weights.
-Step under the bar and let it lay across your back, just below the neck.
-With your hands holding the bar outside your shoulders, lift the bar off the rack using your legs, straighten your torso, and step forward.
-Place your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your head up and your back straight at all times.
-Bend your knees and slowly lower your hips, as if you’re about to sit on a chair. Keep moving downward until your quads break parallel to the floor. Inhale on the way down.
-Stand up, pushing with your heel or middle portion of your foot. Exhale as you stand.

Bench Press – (chest, triceps)

-Lie down on a flat bench.
-Grab the bar so that your hands are slightly more than shoulder-width apart.
-Lift the bar off the rack, keeping it over your chest with your arms locked. This is your starting position.
-Breathe in and slowly lower the bar to your chest, across your nipples.
-Push the bar back to the starting position. Squeeze your chest and hold for a second.

Barbell Rows – (back)

-Hold the barbell with your palms facing down, slightly bend your knees and move your torso forward. Keep your back straight, almost parallel to the floor. Keep your head up. This is the starting position.
-Keep your upper body in position, breathe out, keep your elbows close to your body, and lift the bar toward you. Squeeze your back muscles when the bar is at the top position.
-Breathe in and lower the bar to the starting position.


Jump squat – (quads, hamstrings, buttocks) – 2 sets; 10 reps

-Start in a lowered squat position with your hands out in front of you for balance.
-Jump up as high as you can.
-Land and return to the squat position.

Clap push-ups – (chest, triceps) – 3 sets; max reps

-Perform a standard push-up, but when you come up push hard enough to get your hands off the floor and give you enough time to clap your hands and return them to their floor position.

Supplementary exercises

Calf raises – (calves) – 2-3 sets; 10-15 reps

-Select an appropriate dumbbell weight and hold one in each hand.
-With your feet about shoulder-width apart and toes pointed outward, rise up onto your tiptoes.
-Repeat with your toes slightly pointed inward.

Skull crushers – (triceps) – 2-3 sets; 8-12 reps

-Select dumbbells of a suitable weight.
-Lie down flat on a bench and lift the dumbbells straight above your chest. This is the starting position.
-Bending only at the elbows, lower the dumbbells to a position beside your ears.
-Raise the dumbbells back to the starting position.

Let’s find out what the rest of the pit workout looks like…

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