Harley Davidson Luka Boot – You Need These

harley davidson luka boots
Now that you have your Harley Davidson tuned and road ready, it might be time to invest in some new gear. Seriously, those flip-flops aren’t cutting it in the style department and they aren’t really doing you a damn bit of good in terms of protection.

What you need are some serious boots.

harley davidson luka bootThe Luka boots from Harley Davidson are exactly the kind of boots that I like. They have a military jungle-boot look to them and with their full-grain leather they’re going to offer you the protection you need. The shaft is 7” high, the heel is 1”, and the sole is rubber, offering you lots of traction during those annoying red lights. There’s also a locking inside zipper that makes it easy to get these boots on and off.

The price at Amazon has dropped from $130 to as low as $109. Better hurry before stock runs out.

Rock Hard \m/

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