10 More Of The Greatest Moments From The Walking Dead Comic We Absolutely Want To See On The Show!

No.4 Carol’s New Friend

Fans of the TV show might be shocked to learn that the comic book Carol is a far cry from the saintly martyr she’s depicted as in the series. In fact, it’s mommy that bites the big one instead of Sophia in the comic, albeit in entirely different circumstances. Perhaps it would be better to say that it’s the big one that ends up biting Carol instead.

Having lost her boy toy Tyrese to Michonne, getting shot down by both Rick and Lori in her attempts to drag them into an open relationship, Carol isn’t feeling very appreciated. Or sane. Since nobody wants to be friends with her, she engages a chained up zombie in a very one-sided conversation. “Will you be my friend?”

Top 10 More Of The Greatest Moments From The Walking Dead Comic
Let’s seal it with a kiss!

Who knew keeping a chained up flesh eating undead creature in a courtyard could lead to this? Seriously, did they even think about what would happen if one of the kid’s Frisbees got stuck in her ribcage or something? Sheesh…

No.3 Eye Can See Right Through You!

Carl has had to do a lot of growing up very quickly during the course of The Walking Dead’s story: Learning how to use a gun and subsequently using that gun to mow down his erstwhile father figure, Shane; living in a world in which any or all of the people you form attachments with might die at any moment; watching helplessly as his mom and infant sister are mercilessly gunned down; barely surviving his own gunshot wound. Despite all this, readers always felt that Carl was somehow going to make it. Rick might be fated for a tragic demise before all is said and done, but Carl was going to make a life for himself in this new world.

Top 10 More Of The Greatest Moments From The Walking Dead Comic
That’s pain. That’s Motrin pain.

So much for that theory! Oh, don’t worry. He survives. But I’m sure Kirkman’s going to put him through the wringer some more before the end.

No.2 Why Are We Keeping T-Dog Around Again?

At this point, it’s fairly obvious the TV show’s writers have no earthly idea what to do with the character of T-Dog. He hardly ever shows up, never does anything when he’s around, hilariously gets his only line of dialog cut off by Shane in one episode… Why can’t this guy just fall down a well already? He’s become distracting. Can we have everybody ignore him from now on and maybe he’ll go away? No? Ok, then let’s do the next best thing and bring in Tyrese.

While T-Dog is an invention of the TV series, Tyrese was one of the longest-running cast members of the comic book. He acted as the de facto leader for a while, was Rick’s right hand man and trusted friend and once took down an entire gymnasium full of walkers using only a ball-peen hammer and his innate Tyrese-ness. To wit: Tyrese is an awesome badass.
Unfortunately, nobody makes it on this list without something horrible happening to them and Tyrese is no exception. Bringing along his teenage daughter, Julie, and her douchebag whitey boyfriend Chris when he joins the group, Tyrese is a very protective father. He walks in on the pair preparing to have sex once, but dismisses it as typical teenager behavior. Once the group reaches the safety of the prison, he fatally lets his guard down and pays the price.

Top 10 More Of The Greatest Moments From The Walking Dead Comic

His daughter and her sweaty-ball-sack of a boyfriend have promised to die in each other’s arms, preferring the certainty of a suicide pact rather than an uncertain future in a zombie apocalypse. One problem: the idiot boyfriend pulls the trigger too quick and blows away Tyrese’s little girl before she has a chance to shoot him, leading to the scene pictured above. In a perfect example of not knowing when to quit, Chris then proceeds to shoot the re-animated Julie in the head while she’s resting in Tyrese’s arms. I can honestly say Chris had it coming when Tyrese then chokes the life out of the boy using his bare hands. Then, he sits down and patiently waits for Chris to come back to life… so he can kill him a second time.

No.1 How’s It Hanging?

Lauren Cohan’s Maggie has been a fixture of Season 2 of The Walking Dead. While much of the drama surrounding Herschel’s farm has been changed from the comic, her relationship with Glenn remains largely unchanged. With this Sunday’s episode primed to finally bring the farm story arc to a close, her fate is now entirely up in the air. In the comic, she and Glenn go on to get married, with Herschel’s blessing. However, it looks like the cast might be in for a major shakeup considering the vast zombie horde that was spotted in the closing moments of last week’s episode.

In the comic, Maggie, distraught over her father’s death, not to mention that of her entire extended family, seeks to end her life, leading to poor Glenn walking in on this horrifying moment:

Top 10 More Of The Greatest Moments From The Walking Dead Comic

It remains to be seen if the television Maggie will live long enough for this moment to occur. Tune in this Sunday on AMC for the season finale of The Walking Dead!

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