Enough Already With The Teasers… Another Extremely Short Trailer Preview For Prometheus (2012)

I have to admit myself that I’m actually getting really tired of all these teaser trailers for upcoming summer blockbusters including ones for Prometheus. Ridley Scott has made it very clear that he doesn’t plan to spoil any major detail about his new movie since the production of Prometheus, and has kept a mystery on whether or not the story is an actual prequel to Alien.

Either way, most fans of the Alien franchise will agree with what this new trailer makes explicit – Prometheus is the most anticipated movie of the year. I would even go as far as saying in the last decade, but enough with the teasers please. I was convinced by the first trailer, so lets get to the release date already.

Prometheus is still scheduled to hit theaters in North America on June 8, 2012.


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