Valentine’s Day Special With Full Moon Horror: Executive Producer Credit On Puppet Master X: Axis Rising

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, your faithful chronicler is in desperate need of gift ideas for his inflatable significant other. What? I’ve moved from imaginary to inflatable, that’s progress, damn it! Anyway, if I had a loved one to share Cupid’s Day with, you can bet she’d be into the same stuff as me. Video games, comics and, if she’s destined to be my one true, she’d definitely be in love with Full Moon movies something fierce! Therefore, in the spirit of showering one’s beloved with affection, if offering horror fans everywhere the opportunity to contribute to the companies latest entry in their ever-popular Puppet Master franchise: Axis Rising!

Full Moon Horror $500 Gift Card

Fans should hurry on over to and get their grabby, quite possibly Vaseline covered hands on a 500$ Mega gift card to instantly obtain a SECOND 500$ gift card for absolutely nothing! That’s a thousand dollars’ worth of purchasing power to spend on Full Moon movies, toys, replicas, Zippos, shotglasses, posters and much, much more!

But wait, there’s more!

Executive Producer

Completion of this stellar offer instantly qualifies you for a Executive Producer credit on Axis Rising! Think of the nookie you’ll enjoy from your over the moon lover once her name appears during the credits of Full Moon’s upcoming release!

What the hell are you still doing here!? Go on over to and participate in this once in a lifetime offer!


Puppet Master X: Axis Rising

Puppet Master X: Axis Rising

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