Short: Zombie Valley – Think Twice Before You Help Out A Stranger, Even If You Are Obligated To Do So [VIDEO]

If you think being a friendly citizen and giving a helpful hand to a struggling stranger who’s been in a car accident during a zombie outbreak is the right thing to do, think again my faithful survivor.

After you watch this horror short, Zombie Valley, by up-and-coming director Darin Beckstead (Courage & Stupidity, Somebody’s Hero), you might just think twice about your actions. If you ever fall into a frightening situation like this, especially when a kid is involved, I recommend you simply run away from it — and never look back. I know that sounds pretty harsh, and karma might just bite you in the ass down the road, but I’m a strong believer in making the right choice at the right time to save my own skin from hungry flesh-eaters any given day. So enough words from me, just watch the damn short to get my point.

Zombie Valley Synopsis

A small town sheriff struggles to save lives from a gaggle of zombies, only to find himself in peril.


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