Lamb of God – Resolution (2012) Review

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To the uninitiated, Lamb of God kicks ass, which they’ve proven once again on their seventh studio effort, Resolution. To the Pantera loyalists, Lamb of God picked up where your precious Pantera left off and took southern groove metal to the next level.

You know those albums that take a few listens to “get” or to even like? I’m not talking about the ones that you end up loving, but rather about the ones that you end up liking, but could easily live without. Well, Lamb of God’s Resolution isn’t one of those. This is visceral power that you feel to the core with moments, albeit short ones, of reflection. This is violent, aggressive, barbaric metal at its finest. If you’re working out some rage for a boss who shits all over you or if you’re stuck in a shitty job because you got laid off and can’t find a descent job or if you’re working out in the gym and love a jolt of metal adrenaline or if you’re getting motivated for a UFC fight or sport, Resolution will get you in a murderous mood.


Resolution opens with “Straight for the Sun,” a heavy, slow, sludgy, groove-laden track that’s reminiscent of some Black Sabbath and incorporates a kick-ass drum-based outro that serves as the intro to the bone-crushing “Desolation.” “Desolation” will be a fan favorite and a concert anthem for Lamb of God; man, you can see the circle pit form when you listen to this.

“Ghost Walking,” as you’ve might have heard, features a bluesy acoustic intro with a swamp feel to it. However, it’s short-lived before the heaviness pushes that melody into full-on Lamb of God fashion. Great riff!

There’s so much to like about “The Undertow.” It’s just one of those thrash-like tracks with great vocals, smashing and high-speed drumming, wicked guitar solo, nice riffage…

After six intense tracks, Lamb of God wisely included “Barbarosa,” an acoustic instrumental with feedback-infused crying electric guitars. It does good to bring it down a few notches before returning to the killing spree.

Lamb of God changed things up for “Insurrection.” It has a subtle Middle Eastern feel to it, Randy Blythe is less metalcore (though I hate describing his vocals as metalcore) with his vocals (especially at the top of the track), and there’s some great chord progression going on.


“To The End” has a distinctive Dimebag Darrell vibe to it. Either trust me on this or check out the fucking song.

And, last but not least, “King Me” is an unforgettable track. It’s got a haunting acoustic intro (which gets repeated a few times) that also features a Stone Sour-like spoken-word intro with operatic vocals in the background. When the track breaks open, there’s a string arrangement and later there’s some incredible staccato riffage. This might be the most memorable track on Resolution and it’ll be one that you’ll listen to again and again. Thank god it’s the longest track on the album, because it leaves you wanting more.


Lamb of God: Resolution Track List

1. “Straight for the Sun”
2. “Desolation”
3. “Ghost Walking”
4. “Guilty”
5. “The Undertow”
6. “The Number Six”
7. “Barbarosa”
8. “Invictus”
9. “Cheated”
10. “Insurrection”
11. “Terminally Unique”
12. “To the End”
13. “Visitation”
14. “King Me”

The Verdict: [rating:4.5]

Lamb of God’s Resolution is an album you can listen to over and over again and always find something new. It’s immediately likable and a must have for 2012.

Rock Hard!

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Lamb of God
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24 January 2012
Groove Metal, Death Metal, Southern Metal
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