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This is not a fucking advertorial. If it were, we’d tell you, ‘cause that’s how we are.

The Holidays are coming to a close and maybe you got a pirate’s bounty to spend, and maybe you’re not sure where or on what to spend your riches. We’re not saying that you have to, but you might consider getting some cool gear from Metal Mulisha. Whether you get men’s or women’s apparel and/or accessories, you can be sure that it’s a little bit metal, a little bit MMA, a little bit tattoo, and a whole lot of cool.

Sure, Metal Mulisha is more about extreme motor sports, but it’s still in line with the cult of life we support, which is, to quote a movie from the ‘90s, “The older you get, the more rules they are going to try and get you to follow. You just gotta keep on livin’, man. L-I-V-I-N.”

Men’s Stuff

Arm Bar Bag

metal-mulisha-arm-bar-bagLet’s start this thing off right, with some fighting equipment. OK, so a gym bag is hardly fighting equipment, but it’s essential to your training, whether that’s straight-up cardio, weights, or your preferred method of destruction, a la MMA. The Arm Bar Bag also happens to be on sale at the moment ($10 off the regular price). Start the New Year off right with a stylish and functional nylon gym bag from Metal Mulisha.

Price: On sale for $39.99 at
Buy at Amazon: $50 here

Sarge sunglasses

metal-mulisha-sarge-sunglassesMetal Mulisha wants you to feel boss, and donning a pair of their Sarge sunglasses will definitely give you that feel. These rectangular, polycarbonate lenses will suit just about any face shape and the metal logo plaque on the sides are a stylish bonus.

Price: $70
Buy at

Tyrant T-shirt

metal-mulisha-tyrant-shirtI’m about simplicity when it comes to T-shirtsin line, which means I’m about subtly rather than overt and overly branded shirts. Enter the Tyrant T-shirt from Metal Mulisha, which features a skull in a pot and the chevron logo. Available in black, white, and red.

Price: $24
Buy at $21.60 here

Pained Jersey

metal-mulisha-pained-jerseyIf you have some guns that you’re dying to show off, you might want to get yourself the mock mesh jersey tank top. Again, simplicity is best — even the billboard-size “Metal Mulisha” printed on the back isn’t too bad (I’ve seen worse things, but not many). At the very least, the tank is an excellent gym shirt.

Price: $32
Buy at $28.80 here

Potter Denim

metal-mulisha-potter-denimYou can’t go wrong with a pair of black jeans, unless, of course, they’re douchey and the crotch hangs down to your ankles and you walk around like a duck. What the fuck is up with that? Just fucking stop it. I get it if you live in a metropolitan city where there are such things as real gangs, but all you suburban gangsters and country cunts need to cut it out. Ah, but that’s not the point here. Here we’re talking about the Potter Denim pants that are stylish and youthful without being douchey.

Price: $70

See what the sexy chicks of Metal Mulisha are wearing after the jump…

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