Filth Clothing Co. Is Bloody Monsterific

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Credit: Filth Clothing Co.

As our Yell! Magazine readers well know, we love us some T-shirts. And right now, we’re really digging the designs on offer from Filth Clothing Co.

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Available for both men and women, the company has styles that are at once shocking, stylish, and edgy. As much as we love Charlie Sheen, we can’t help but also love the “slight” dig at his character in the TigerBlood tee. And the Filthenstein tee, well, we love the Universal monsters and would proudly don this shirt, even if it comes at the expense of Frankenstein entering the public domain earlier this year. And if your balls are big enough to sport a T-shirt sporting some underboob, then the ZombieFilth shirt is for you.

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While the men’s selection is great, Filth Clothing Co. is, naturally, using women and sex and horror in its marketing strategy — and we say go for it; there’s nothing wrong with featuring sexy girls, whether they’re of the ring girl or SuicideGirl persuasion, covered in blood. And the women’s selection here is tops as well. We’d totally love to get our girl in some FilthStamp or FilthLabel Booty Shorts — hawt!


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All of Filth Clothing’s products are reasonably priced, ranging from $15 to $40.

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