Halloween Makeup Tips: Helping You Scare The Shit Out Of Little Trick ‘r Treaters

Halloween Makeup Tips

We have three more killer Halloween makeup tips after the break…

Fake Burns

freddy-kruegerEver since Freddy Krueger tormented teenage dreams in 1984, burns have been a popular Halloween trick. The cool thing about burns is that anything can be a burn victim, not just nightmare monsters: a research scientist who’s had an experiment go bad, a pirate, a zombie (the undead is immensely popular, huh?), a witch of Salem.

Anyway, with this fake burn recipe, don’t actually burn yourself.

Unflavored gelatin
Vegetable oil
Boiling water (or really hot water)
Liquid latex

“Double, double, toil and bubble”
Mix the gelatin and the water until you have a consistency of a thick pancake batter. Add a couple drops of oil to keep the gelatin soft and prevent hardening. Note: make sure to use enough gelatin to cover the affected area (a fully scarred adult forearm will take about half a cup of gelatin). If you don’t have enough, you can always add more gelatin and hot water.

With a tongue depressor, evenly apply the batter to the area you want to scar. Note: make sure the water isn’t boiling hot. Time is crucial because the gelatin will quickly cool, becoming difficult to work with; add more hot water until the gelatin batter can be applied easily. Once you have the batter applied, keep touching up the area to create cracks and grooves to give the effect of a scab once it’s all done.

Now you’ll want to apply liquid latex over the gelatin batter. This will keep the moisture in and give the scar a realistic feel. Note: don’t touch any hair with the liquid latex.

Now apply fake blood to the scar, making sure to get it deep into those cracks and grooves mentioned earlier. As a final touch, add some yellow and purple makeup to give the scar a more realistic look.

Fake Intestines

zombie_intestinesLet’s see, let’s see, let’s see… fake intestines. What in the world could those be used for. Ah, yes, zombies victims or just a half eaten zombie. Or psycho doctor. Or awakened patient.

There are a couple different methods (as there are with most of Halloween makeup tips found here) of creating fake intestines. You can use plastic wrap, but fake blood more easily comes off. You can use cotton-filled pantyhose (taken off that hooker you saw at the party earlier), but they end up feeling too heavy. Here we’ll use gift wrapping tissue paper. It retains the fake blood and remains light and fairly durable.

Gift wrapping tissue paper
Fake blood

“Double, double, toil and bubble”
Twist the tissue paper lengthwise and place a staple every few inches or so. Do this with several pieces at tissue paper and staple them together. Now the fun and dirty part. Pour some fake blood in a large bowl and rub the twisted tissue paper in… get your hands dirty and slide your blood-soaked hand on along the tissue paper. Do this until the tissue is soaked with blood. Voila! Intestines.

Plague Boils

OK, these plague boils might be the most time-consuming Halloween makeup tip. Uses, zombies, pandemic plague victim, chemical burn victim, etc.

Modeling clay
Spirit gum
Liquid latex (and a small paint brush)
Baby powder (and makeup brush)
Halloween makeup
Nose putty
Blow dryer

“Double, double, toil and bubble”
Zombie_with_BoilsTake your modeling clay and create a flat staging surface with it. Take some more clay, roll some balls (I said balls, heh-heh) and place them on the staging surface so that they appear as bubbles. Next, apply a layer of liquid latex with the paint brush and use the blow dryer to dry it. Repeat the application of latex seven times. Now you will need to be patient (like taking pleasure in a slow kill) as you slowly peel off the latex from the clay mold using the baby powder and makeup brush.

There, now you have your latex appliance and it’s your job to paint it as you wish. Hint: yellow and green is the color of pus and infection and red is the color of blood or irritated skin (apply the red around the base of the boils). Once the paint has dried, cut out the boils from the latex that was on the staging surface.

Now you’re ready to apply the boils to your face. Use spirit gum to do so, and then reinforce that with some more liquid latex. Because the skin around a plague boil would be irritated and inflamed (swollen), you’ll want to create that effect with some nose putty. Smooth out the edges of the nose putty so that it blends with the non-affected skin. Add more liquid latex over the nose putty and then a layer of flesh-toned makeup.

There you have it, you ugly shit.

Happy Halloween! Hopefully these makeup tips will help you look like you know what you’re doing.

Rock Hard!

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