Keeper Of Dreams – “Columbo’s Wife” Never Got So Much Attention

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Hailing from Budapest, Hungary, Keeper of Dreams have experienced a slight shift in their musical focus. Formerly a band with a death-inspired direction, Keeper of Dreams has found the beauty in experimentation and now are branding themselves as “Noble Metal,” which is a hybrid of jazz, modern metal, and djent riffs.

Don’t be fooled. “Columbo’s Wife” is still metal, although it has a prog bent. It’s full of rich, clean guitars on a 7 string, crushing rhythm guitars carried on a solid back beat. There are death growls from Marton Kiss, but those are balanced by the clean vocals from Tamas Krob. The jazz influence can mostly be heard in Levente Drozdik’s drumming, however, there is an obvious funk metal to the guitar riffs that close out the song in its last quarter. Also, Daniel Szabo delivers an accomplished guitar solo at the midpoint of “Columbo’s Wife.”

With the coalescence of all these musical styles, it wouldn’t be far fetched to say that Keeper of Dreams sounds a bit like what Joe Satriani would have sounded like, albeit a bit heavier, if he was in a band circa Flying in a Blue Dream.

Lyrically, the song deals with Columbo’s wife, of the TV show from the ‘70s. She was never seen on screen – a character removed from the audience. The video plays off of this with a girl who, despite reaching out to those around her, is invisible, until she finally disappears – even to the only person who acknowledged her.

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