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You can’t throw a stone in the App Store these days without striking a zombie right on its undead noggin’. Similarly, it’s a task and a half to locate a time-killer that doesn’t feature some variety of tower defense gaming. Zombie Gunship combines the two favorite pastimes of App Store game developers by being a tower defense game …with zombies. Yet, even with this mish-mash of genres, Zombie Gunship isn’t unique. Zombie Street, Zombie Defense, Zombie Attack! and Cthulhu knows how many more games are flooding the App Store lately task gamers with defending a static position against ever-increasing hordes of the shambling living-impaired.

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Cthulhu says: “Read Yell! Magazine, kids! And don’t forget to eat your parents!”

Yeah. We’re endorsed by an Elder God. And all it cost us was our sanity. Top that IGN! Anyway.

What sets Zombie Gunship apart from its contemporaries is its unique point of view. You play as the gunner of a AC-130 airplane that’s slowly circling the last remaining vestiges of humanity, aka: a bunker entrance. Your task is twofold: you must scan your radar for approaching undead and blast them to smithereens when targeted, you must also ensure that any human survivors reach the bunker with all of their vital bits and pieces preferably un-munched.

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“Avon calling?” NO! “Candy-gram?” NO! “Zombie-gram?” NO!!!! “Stripper-gram?” ….ok, come on in!

As is standard for the genre, you earn cash for any undead you make even deader and for any survivors that reach the relative safety of the bunker. Cash can be spent on upgrades for your weapons, to purchase more powerful guns for your gunship and on various statistical improvements for aiming, reload times and whatnot.

Zombie Gunship won’t win any awards for originality but the black and white point of view, reminiscent of Gulf War 1-era gunship footage, is surprisingly entertaining. Plus, blasting zombies to their component atoms never gets old, no matter how many times the formula gets recycled. Zombie Gunship is a good enough app to warrant an install and it might keep you occupied for a few hours. And really, what more do you want out of an App Store game that goes for 99 cents?

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Zombie Gunship
Yell! Rating (x/5 Skulls):
Published by:
Limbic Software
Developed by:
Limbic Software
Year Released:
July 21, 2011
iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd gen), iPod touch (4th gen), and iPad. iOS 4.1 or later
Official URL:
Zombie Gunship

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